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Boat Repair Service

Boat Repair and Maintenance Service in Kemah TX

PalmerPower is a certified Mercury, Mercruiser,Yanmar, Volvo Penta repair Shop. Since 1970’s, We've been actively engaged in boat repair services here at Kemar and other locals. We've got experts with more than 40 years experience in boat repair Services. Our technicians have passed rigorous factory testing and training in services, diagnostics, and repairs. We've perfected our craft to ensure We get the job done right the first time and our job is never finished until our customers are 100% satisfied. Quote with us today and our master technician will take it from there.

Services We Provide Include:

  •  Engine and drive systems repairs
  •  Outboard, I/O, and inboard repowers
  •  Preventative maintenance
  •  Winterization
  •  Shrink wrapping
  •  Boat-Tune Up
  •  Custom canvas
  •  Electronics installations
  •  Local hauling and launching
  •  Other boat related Services
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Outboard and Sterndrive Repairs

No one likes to be stranded in a waterway but sometimes problems occur in the water. Whether it's hitting a stump in the water or running into a sand dune, when something fails on your boat, PalmerPower boat repair Service is here to get you back on the water. Our technicians have the expertise and tools to tear down engines, lower units, pull engines, and replace powerheads among many more. We work with insurance companies to facilitate the repair process and, most of all, we get it done right so you can get back to having fun out on the water.

Yearly Services

Maintenance is key to keeping your boats and engines running optimum. We provide initial break-in service, 100 hour-service, and 300 hour-service. These services consist of replacing wear and tear items like oil, filters, impellers, thermostats, etc.

Boat Motor Repair

We can check engine fault codes to ensure sensors are proper as well as manufacture specifications. We do engine rebuilds and have seen and done just about everything. We are able to assist you with minor repairs and make tweaks to help improve engine performance. We also do oil changes which are very critical when maintaining the quality of your engine.

Boat Re-Powers

Many of us have boats that have sentimental value to us which is why we keep them as long as we do. However, sometimes the engine needs to be replaced to bring back the power and life of our boat. This is why we do re-powers here at PalmerPower. We are your one-stop-shop for purchasing your engine, removing your old engine, and installing the new powerhouse. Re-Powers are great because you can continue making memories right where you left off and have a lifetime of memories on the water with your boat.

Electronics Diagnosis and Repair

When your boat electronic systems fail, here at PalmerPower we can diagnose and replace any pump, light, switch, horn, etc. For all of our electronics repairs and installations, we only use marine-grade and ensure connections are sealed to help extend the life of electronics and their components.


Our winterization efforts are among the most comprehensive in the area to prepare your boat for storage in the off season. Our certified technicians check your boat and engine for open service bulletins, run the engine(s) to temperature, change oil & oil filter, drain raw water from engine cooling system and flush with non-toxic antifreeze, clean raw water strainer, stabilize fuel and test your batteries. Of course, not all boats are created equal so we customize our process to your boat to make sure all systems needs are met.

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